Some people have been handcuffed, then beaten with sticks, and the cries for help are so loud but useless, because there is no help. So our voices remain trapped behind this wall. The 1971 [Attica] riot led people across the country to hear the voice of incarcerated persons, exposing the foulness of the torture and inhumane conditions. Today, the same foulness that went on in the past is going on today. – Person incarcerated at Attica Attica Correctional Facility continues to operate as a symbolic and real epicenter of state violence and abuse of incarcerated persons in New York State prisons. The history of the 1971 rebellion and the state’s violent suppression still infuse Attica’s walls and operations. Recent and ongoing investigations of Attica by the Correctional Association reveal systemic and brutal staff-inflicted physical assaults, verbal and racial harassment, threats, intimidation, and excessive use of punishment and solitary confinement. An underlying culture and environment of abuse – not a few individual bad actors – drive the dehumanization and brutalization taking place. This culture is undergirded and fueled by racism, staff impunity, a lack of meaningful programs, a history of violent repression and a reliance on force, punishment, and disempowerment. The abuses taking place behind Attica’s walls are an affront to humanity and nothing short of closing the prison will end them. At the same time that Attica must be closed, staff violence and abuse must end across all New York State prisons. Similar levels of racist brutality take place at Clinton, Great Meadow, Greene, and elsewhere, and permeate the entire state prison system. DOCCS, state policy-makers, and the public must work toward a fundamental transformation of the culture and environment of punishment and violence at other prisons so long as they exist, and ultimately an end of mass incarceration. Brutality, punishment, and abuse must be replaced with transformative practices, communication, de-escalation, empowerment, healing, growth, and mutual respect. The CA is part of a campaign to close Attica and end violence and abuse across all New York State prisons. This campaign meets the second Monday of every month at the Correctional Association (2090 Adam Clayton Powell, Suite 200). This is a new campaign, led by people who have been incarcerated in these violent prisons and their family members. We need you to join us! Together, we can end the brutality and abuse behind the walls.
CA in the Press | September 9, 2016

“Whatever Your Worst Fear Was, That Was Attica’: Former Prisoners Ask Cuomo to Shut Down NY’s Infamous Prison

attica1 VV VL 9-9-16

Photo: Victoria Law On Thursday afternoon, the day before the 45th anniversary of the most famous prison uprising in U.S. history, dozens of people gathered across the street from Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Midtown office demanding that he close the maximum-security prison at Attica. Fed up with brutal conditions, men imprisoned at Attica seized control of the prison on September 9, 1971, taking 43 staff members hostage.Read More

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CA in the Press | June 20, 2013

The Fight to Close Attica Continues

By KORI TUITT Special to the AmNews The Attica Correctional Facility in Wyoming County, N.Y., is infamously known for the 1971 riot by inmates demanding better treatment. Inmates held 40 correction officers hostage for five days, which ultimately resulted in a massacre by New York State Police. The gunfire left 39 people killed, including 10 guards.Read More

News | September 25, 2012

Attica: The Bars That Bind Us

Attica Correctional Facility

Everyone exposed long-term to max incarceration at Attica pays a high price. Find out why and how you can help change a broken system.Read More


CA in the Press | September 24, 2012

Op-Ed: Attica Must Be Shut Down


The head of the nonprofit Correctional Association argues that Attica Correctional Facility should be closed—not because of its tragic history, but because of a present-day atmosphere of hostility and harsh treatment.Read More


CA in the Press | September 17, 2012

Upon anniversary of riot, prisoner advocates call for closing of Attica

Attica AP photograph

The Correctional Association of New York, along with other organizations, held an event on Friday at Riverside Church in New York City to advocate a call to closure of Attica Prison. Read More


News | September 5, 2012

Join the call to action: September 14 at Riverside Church

Cornel West, Soffiyah Elijah and Asha Bandele at the 2011 Attica event.

Advocates, activists, and academics are coming together once again at Riverside Church to commemorate the anniversary of the 1971 Attica prison massacre.Read More

CA in the Press | January 12, 2012

Report sheds troubling light on Attica’s state prison

The CA reported "a noticeable high level of intimidation and fear throughout the facility both during our visit."Read More


Press Release | December 22, 2011

Behavior of four Attica corrections officers part of larger culture of violence and intimidation at facility

DOCCS investigation will hopefully serve as a signal throughout the system that the intimidation, harassment, and physical abuse of incarcerated people will not be tolerated, and that there will be accountability and consequences for officers who choose to break the law.Read More


CA in the Press | December 15, 2011

Attica CO Charged With Assaulting Inmate “Eager to Clear His Name”

Four Attica State Prison Corrections Officers have been indicted for allegedly beating up an inmate, and then conspiring to cover it up by allegedly filing a false report that the inmate was in possession of a razor during an altercation at the prison in August.Read More


Press Release | December 5, 2011

Suicides in NYS prisons reach highest rate in 28 years

The Correctional Association will present testimony before the Correction and Mental Health Committees of the NYS Assembly about recent dramatic increase in suicides. Read More


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