Drop the Rock Coalition

CA in the Press | March 22, 2010

Drop the Rock Group Also Wants to Drop Some Prisons

Criminal justice crusaders from the "Drop the Rock" campaign preached reform of the state prison system from the pulpit of a church near the Capitol during an annual advocacy day event March 16. The rally in the church preceded the lobbying of legislators to support the closure of three minimum- and one medium-security men's prisons proposed in the 2010-2011 Executive Budget.Read More

CA in the Press | March 21, 2010

State consolidating inmate housing at 17 prisons

Gov. David A. Paterson and state Department of Correctional Services Commissioner Brian Fischer announced last week that housing units deemed underutilized at more than a dozen state prisons will be temporarily consolidated in coming weeks. Inmates from the 22 units at 17 prisons will be transferred to other units, and corrections officers previously assigned to the units will be reassigned to other units within the same facility. Read More

Press Release | March 15, 2010

Hundreds of advocates from across NY State unite in Albany to call for prison closures and community reinvestment

Hundreds of people from across the state will assemble in Albany on Tuesday, March 16 for the DROP THE ROCK Day of Action and Education. They will gather in the sanctuary of Emmanuel Baptist Church (275 State Street) at 10 A.M. From 10 A.M. to 12:30 A.M. speakers including Senator Tom Duane, Albany County District Attorney David Soares, and Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services Commissioner Karen Carpenter-Palumbo, and community advocates who have been affected by incarceration will address the statewide coalition. Read More

CA in the Press | March 15, 2010

Administering Justice

Recession-driven prison closings may provide state lawmakers an opportunity to promote a more rational approach to criminal justice that still puts public safety first. Draconian sentences even for low-level offenders have long crowded penal facilities, and over the past two decades the building of new prisons has increased dramatically. Read More

CA in the Press | January 29, 2010

Law Has Little Effect on Early Release for Inmates

While new state guidelines led to a rise in applications for medical parole — 202 inmates last year, compared with 66 in 2008 — they have hardly led to more releases.Read More

CA in the Press | January 25, 2010

Prison closure plan draws concern for local economies

Gov. David A. Paterson's Executive Budget calls for the elimination and consolidation of four New York correctional facilities and the elimination of 572 positions, moves he says will save New York $59 million over two years.Read More

CA in the Press | January 8, 2010

Suffolk officials wary of modifications to drug laws

Suffolk County's top executive, district attorney and sheriff say they are bracing for the release from prison of drug dealers.Read More

CA in the Press | November 13, 2009

State budget problems? Close more prisons

Robert Gangi, Executive Director of the Correctional Association of New York, urges Governor Patterson to close underutilized prisons, expand work release programs and reform the Rockefeller Drug Laws. Read More

CA in the Press | October 11, 2009

The High Cost of Empty Prisons

Despite facility closures, the prison system still has more than 5,000 empty beds in 69 prisons. What’s more, there are other ways to lower the prison population. For starters, state lawmakers could repeal the Rockefeller mandatory sentencing provisions that remain on the books. They could also increase the number of participants on work release. Read More

News | May 1, 2009

Rockefeller Drug Law Victory

On April 24, 2009, Governor David Paterson signed into law significant reforms marking the beginning of the end of New York’s notorious Rockefeller Drug Laws. The deal for reform came three weeks after the CA’s Drop the Rock Advocacy Day in Albany—where advocates delivered 30,000 petitions supporting repeal to Governor Paterson, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith— and only two days after a rally calling for the end of the drug laws outside of Governor Paterson’s New York City office.Read More