Founded in 1844, the Correctional Association of New York (the CA) is an independent non-profit organization that advocates for a more humane and effective criminal justice system and a more just and equitable society.

In 1846, the CA was granted authority by New York State Legislature to inspect prisons and to report its findings and recommendations to the public. The only private organization in New York with unrestricted access to prisons, the CA has remained steadfast in its commitment to inform the public debate on criminal justice for nearly 170 years.  The CA utilizes its unique legislative mandate to expose abusive practices, educate the public and policymakers about what goes on behind prison walls, and advocate for systemic, lasting and progressive change.

Working in collaboration with a broad base of stakeholders and advocates, the CA works to build the power of the communities most negatively affected by criminal justice policy and decrease the state’s use and abuse of incarceration as a response to the socioeconomic problems facing our communities.

At the Correctional Association, our efforts are driven by a deep faith the inherent dignity of all human beings. We are working to create a criminal justice system that treats people and their families with fairness, dignity, opportunity and respect.

In this short video, members of our staff and volunteer team describe what we do at the Correctional Association, and why we do it.

We ask you to join us in asking the question: what could the world look like if we put people before prisons?

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